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It has long been known that exercise and oxygen go hand and hand.  In fact recent studies have demonstrated that breathing enriched air during workouts will enhance stamina, strength, energy and performance.  Furthermore, it will heighten concentration and alertness in the user while making workouts more effective by burning more calories.  A study at Tokai University in Japan showed subjects inhaling an oxygen concentration of 40% lowered their heart rate, decreased their blood lactate and burned more fat.  As a result, the exercise duration doubled and all test subjects experienced a decrease in body weight. 

What could be a better addition to a health club or gym than a comprehensive enriched air system?  Provide your valued customers with cutting edge technology that not only makes their work out more efficient, but makes them look and feel better, while putting more money in your profit column.  We offer two state of the art systems to meet all of your oxygen needs.

A whole-room custom installation consists of installing enriched air generators that intake ambient air, filter out Nitrogen and other toxins, and disperse up to 80% pure oxygen through small wall units.  The flow of enriched air can be turned on and off with the touch of a button and will increase the oxygen levels in studios used for classes or large rooms with exercise equipment.  When a client walks into an oxygen enriched exercise room they will feel more alert, energized and motivated.  By creating an atmosphere of enriched air your valued customers will have enhanced workouts and a healthier experience!

Oxygen enriched rooms allows for increase oxygen density without extra equipment to install and a concentration of oxygen in the whole room instead of localized areas.

The second option we offer are stylish oxygen wands which deliver concentrated enriched air to users of specific machines.  The oxygen wands mount easily on treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bicycles and provide the user of the machine with an exercise enhancing breeze of enriched air.  Clients breathing enriched air while using cardio machines will demonstrate higher levels of stamina, lower heart rate, less gasping and most importantly will burn more calories.

By providing your customers the ability to burn more fat during workouts, you not only offer them the best possible exercise environment available, but distinguish your gym as a premiere provider of the ultimate exercise experience.  At The Oxygen Company we provide the most modern technology in oxygen enrichment previously only available in Asia.  Our goal is to provide your members with the highest quality workout experience while generating you more revenue!

Great for yoga studios, helps lower heart rate and control breathing!

Recover more quickly after tough sets!