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High Altitude Systems
Create a more relaxing space in your home with an Oxygen Enrichment System. This cutting edge amenity features the latest in oxygen-enhanced air technology and is available in all rooms. By increasing the amount of oxygen, our systems create a lower elevation. This will provide a more restful environment in your home while easing the transition to altitude.
Studies have shown that by increasing the amount of oxygen in a bedroom at altitude, you will sleep longer, better and will awake feeling more refreshed and alert. Your home becomes your own personal retreat. This amenity delivers the Rest and Relaxation you want in the mountains. Featured in the “Mountain Home of the Year” and the Wall Street Journal our oxygen enrichment systems are the hottest new home amenity. The Oxygen Company Inc has years of experience and is the leader in this new technology.
Three Types of Oxygen Enriched Air Systems!

The first option is a directed system, which increases the oxygen content of a specific area of the room.  Distribution wands are added to the oxygen ports allowing you to direct the oxygen enriched air flow. This system is ideal for use around the head of the bed to provide a breeze of oxygen enriched air during sleep or rest.

The second is an ambient system that will increase the content of the entire room. At any location in the room you will receive the benefits of breathing a higher concentration of oxygen. This system uses larger machinery and removes the need for distribution wands because the entire room is enhanced with oxygen enrichment.

The third option is our signature Altitude Control System™. With an oxygen control panel you will be able to set the elevation in the room to any desired level. This system provides full control of the ambient oxygen levels in your bedroom and can be preset prior to your arrival via the Internet. 
Customer Quote
“For the first time traveling to altitude, I slept through the night and didn’t get a headache...” R. Williams
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