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The Oxygen Company Inc. has introduced a revolutionary way to increase the oxygen content of any room. Now you can have the many benefits of a higher concentration of oxygen in your bedroom, living room, home office and exercise room.

With our revolutionary new Home Enrichment Systems you can increase the oxygen content in each room individually. No mask, no headset, no tether at all.  While you exercise, work or even sleep, know that you are benefiting from oxygen enriched air.  

Cleanse, purify and energize your home environment with this revolutionary amenity!


The OxySpace Enriched Air Generator takes regular room air, turns it into 80% pure oxygen and 20% Nitrogen, then pushes it back out through in-wall panels located throughout your home. This creates a higher oxygen concentration in the air of any room. Additional options such as analog or digital wall panels can be used for on/off operation and to add aromas that disperse a pleasant scent throughout your home.

The OxySpace machines are usually placed out of the way in an accessible location for any maintenance or repair. Adequate ventilation is necessary for the machine to function properly as well as a proper power source. Installation is similar to running cable TV.