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Air Pollution
Over centuries the air quality throughout the world has diminished day by day. The oxygen content in the air has decreased and most people live in areas where the air quality is constantly deteriorating due to pollution.  Sources of pollutants are all around us everyday.  Some of the worst contributors to air pollution include factories, power plants, dry cleaners, cars, buses and trucks. 
In recent years air pollution has gotten so bad that The State of the Air: 2006 Report released by the American Lung Association finds the following:
  • More than 150 million Americans live in counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of air pollution.
    (State of the Air: 2006 Report)

  • Almost half of all Americans live in counties where the air quality places them at risk for decreased lung function, respiratory infection, lung inflammation and aggravation of respiratory illness.
    (State of the Air: 2006 Report)

  • 53.1 million Americans suffer from chronic exposure to particle pollution.  Even when levels are fairly low, exposure to particles over time can increase risk of hospitalization for asthma, damage to the lungs and, significantly, increase the risk of pre-mature death.
    (State of the Air: 2006 Report)

  • In many places air pollution has gotten so severe that “During days when air quality is reduced, EPA and the medical community suggest residents limit strenuous outdoor activity.”
Though people with respiratory problems are most vulnerable to pollution, even healthy people that are active outdoors can be affected when ozone levels are high. Repeated exposure to ozone pollution for several months may cause permanent lung damage thus, anyone who spends time outdoors in the summer is at risk, particularly children and people who are active outdoors.  Even at very low levels, ground-level ozone triggers a variety of health problems including aggravated asthma, reduced lung capacity, and increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis.
The threat of air pollution does not end when you return home or escape the city streets into your office.  On the contrary:
  • “In 1985 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that toxic chemicals found in the air of almost every American home are three times more likely to cause some type of cancer than outdoor air pollutants”. (Miller 488)

  • The EPA has found that the air in some office buildings is 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

  • Experts from the World Health Organization suggest that 30% of new or remodeled commercial buildings may have high rates of health and comfort complaints from occupants.

  • Commonly found office pollutants and their sources include asbestos from insulating and fire-retardant building supplies; formaldehyde from pressed wood products; other organics from building materials, carpet, and other office furnishings, cleaning materials and activities, restroom air fresheners, paints, adhesives, copying machines, and photography and print shops; biological contaminants from dirty ventilation systems or water-damaged walls, ceilings, and carpets; and pesticides from pest management practices.

  • Since most people spend 90% of their lives indoors, the quality of indoor air is a major area of concern for the EPA.

  • Many health effects of indoor air pollution do not show up until years after exposure or only after prolonged exposure so the EPA feels strongly that people should seek out ways to improve the overall indoor air quality.

  • Simply put, “The lesson to be learned is this: Cleaner air saves lives,” Dr. Harbut.
If you feel that you may benefit from breathing cleaner, fresher air on a daily basis, please take sometime to read through our site and see the simple yet exciting new ways you can bring oxygen enriched air into your home, car or place of work.  Our products will give you a natural method of coping with today’s deteriorating air quality. Oxygen therapy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after treatments in the wellness industry because of its ability to fight headaches, fatigue, sore muscles and rejuvenate the body.  Clients note enhanced concentration, clearer thinking, increased energy and performance, increased metabolism and an overall feeling of wellness.  Sit back and relax, or keep working while you recharge and restore.