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Our Oxygen Enriched Air units are capable of increasing the oxygen content of an entire building. The rooms can be spread out or be part of an entire commercial install for the building complex. Our equipment can be used for a few rooms or dozens of offices and cubicles. The Oxygen Company is “revolutionizing the indoor environment” nationwide.

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Give Your Customers A Cutting Edge Health Amenity




A healthy lifestyle is on everyone's mind these days.  Along with fitness and nutrition, oxygen services and products have gained in popularity as way to enhance one's health and lifestyle. Oxygen services and products can reduce stress and fatigue and improve exercise ability, while improving one's general well-being. 

Breathe Life Into Your Business


Boost your business profitability with viable, exciting oxygen products and services.  The opportunity for growth and profitability are endless with so many ways to add this new wellness amenity to your business.

The benefits of oxygen enriched air (EA) can be delivered by means of a complete enrichment system, which can raise oxygen-enriched air levels in an entire room.  We also offer personal enriched air generators, which are simple, portable plug-in units that operate with comfortable headsets.  Enriched air generators are versatile, and they can provide oxygen enhanced skin treatments.

Besides outdoor pollution, indoor air quality (IAQ) is exceptionally bad in today’s steadily degrading environment. Office buildings, homes and schools, from the elementary to the university level, constantly struggle to maintain acceptable IAQ. Whether cleaning solvents and dust in older buildings, or adhesives and chemicals in brand new ones, IAQ is continually compromised. Executives, office workers, and even drivers can benefit from breathing oxygen enriched air. Oxygen can reduce stress and fatigue while improving air quality and adding to people’s general health and well-being.