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Studies have shown that enriched air systems can boost energy levels and improve focus and memory, keeping your employees awake and alert. You can combat fatigue and lethargy at the workplace while improving memory and accuracy where it is needed most.  By increasing the oxygen concentration of your workplace, you will minimize sick days  and increase productivity. 

Our products will motivate your employees and keep them that way, increasing employee satisfaction after long days at the work place.

  • We are all aware of the hazards of outdoor pollution, however, few of us are concerned about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). In today’s steadily declining environment IAQ is constantly and continually being compromised. Office buildings, homes, and schools  struggle to maintain IAQ. In older and newer  buildings dust , cleaning solvents,  adhesives, ventilation and chemicals jeopardize IAQ.

  • The Oxygen Company Inc. can help make oxygen enriched air work for you. By making oxygen available to your employees, you can help increase employee productivity and your company profits. Aid your employees in staying focused , retaining information and remaining alert while dealing with important clients. We can improve the IAQ of any building and minimize health concerns and sick days with maximizing productivity from your employees and coworkers.

  • The Oxygen Company Inc. can provide your company with a variety of products, from complete systems capable of controlling the oxygen content of entire rooms to small lightweight units that easily fit under any desk and provide enriched airflow to individual employee workstations.

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