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OxySpace Generators

revolutionize your space

The OXY SPACE Oxygen Enriched Air generator is a state of the art piece of equipment.

It takes ambient air, separates it into 80% pure oxygen and 20% Nitrogen, then pushes it back out through in-wall or free standing panels to be used for home and commercial use. This can create a higher concentration of oxygen in the air of a bedroom, gym or office. A higher oxygen concentration is very beneficial, yet far below ANY medical or dangerous levels. With the optional humidifier bottles, fragrance can be added to disperse any scent throughout your home or commercial space


We offer a variety of choices to suit your needs including size, flow rate, optional functions and custom made accessories. Three models of the OxySpace are available, a 3, 5, or 8 LPM machine and are used according to room size. These machines use proven technology and are safe and durable. They are designed to turn off every 2 ½ hours to increase lifetime durability, prevent extended use and lower operating costs.

The OxySpace has few replacement parts and filters, which means less cost to maintain your system. When operating an average of 8 hours a day, replacement of inexpensive parts and filters is about every 2 ½ years.

Master suite, guest room, study space, health club, massage room, stretching area… the list goes on an on, there is no bad place to provide oxygen enriched air. “Revolutionize your indoor environment” today!

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